Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Morning

Psalms 5:3
My voice shalt thou hear in the MORNING, O LORD; in the MORNING will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.

Psalms 143:8
Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the MORNING; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee.

I was searching scripture tonight and praying. I have a lot on my mind tonight. I face a new road tomorrow. Tomorrow, I go for my first visit at the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at UAB. I know I will be faced with decisions and a whole lot of questions, tests, and, again have to recite my complete medical history to at least three separate people. That is all after fighting Birmingham traffic, finding a place to park in the Kirklin Clinic complex, and walking a mile or so before actually getting to the clinic.
I look forward to the progress, but not the process.

In the face of so much uncertainty, the one thing I know for certain, is I can count on the Lord to lead my paths, and "cause me to know the way". I trust him, and I know if I "lift up my soul" to him, He will always lift me up!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Morning!

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