Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Future

"The Future", what images come to mind when you say those two words? Some people will see images of Star Trek, and you know who you are! Bless your heart! By the way, your mother wants her basement back for a craft room. Children will think of the next holiday: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, ect. They will think of school, sports, or playing in the yard. A childs' concept of the future is much different than that of a adult. Young people will think of the future and think of college, career, marriage and children. As we get older, our view of the future becomes much more focused. Mostly because we often look at the past a lot. When you see a whole lot of past, the obvious conclusion is there might not be a whole lot more future. I have been guilty of this myself. I like talking, the "glory days", (glorious or not), telling stories, and remembering. I think that is the historian in me. It is really a very natural thing. I also love looking forward to being there to see the milestones in my family's lives, and sharing love and laughter every chance we get.
When you have health problems, you tend to be even more cautious when thinking about the future. Multiple Sclerosis' progressive nature definitely stimulates the thought process when you get the diagnosis. Looking at others with the same diagnosis, in various stages. Fear of the unknown, Not to mention how the disease makes you feel. The fatigue, pain and, (often times), depression, doesn't help matters. Sometimes it is very hard to realistically see good times ahead. The future may not always look bright to people with MS. One thing I am trying to do, to combat this problem in my own life, is to begin saying, "I am recovering from MS", not, "I have MS". I am tired of claiming the disease and letting it claim me. I do not want to be a victim, I want to be a victor. I hope speaking positive, will result in the positive. The future may hold challenges, but it can be bright, even in the face of the unknown. I pray for strength, for us all, to look ahead with a positive outlook, and face the future head on!
Have A Great Day!

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