Friday, March 28, 2008

The Best Treatment
Although not approved by the FDA, there is a treatment for the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, that has been proven to be effective for control of symptoms. There have not been "double blind" studies, or trials, and no drug company can sell it. It is simply Love. I know this for a fact. Recently, while hospitalized with a pretty significant exacerbation, I again received Love treatments. They were administered by my family and friends. They came in the shape of, prayers, phone calls, visits, hugs, smiles, kisses, and genuine concern for me. I felt better with each dose of this treatment. My husband and my daughters were the primary caregivers. They followed a strict schedule with my doses. I was surprised on day two, of my hospital stay, to find my oldest grandson, coming through the door of my hospital room, grinning from ear to ear. He had come to give me a treatment. He jumped on to my bed and covered me in what we call the blanket hug, followed by sweet little boy kisses. He scanned my body, being told I was sick, he had to look over the situation. He was not phased by the I.V.s nor the pale color of my face. He was there to do what he does best. Give unconditional love. He had brought an extra dose from his little brother who couldn't come. I am here to tell you, no steroids, no medication on this earth, can come close to the therapeutic benefits of this single dose of love. The best part is that it is free. And I can get it anytime I want it. No insurance, no shots, no I.V.s. Now I know there is a need for medication. I wouldn't be a good nurse if I said there wasn't. But for just a minute, consider the unconditional love of a Grandson. The therapeutic value of love is definitely real. Family support, understanding, and love, is by far the best co-therapy treatment, I have found. This has been true throughout my career, and applies to all diseases. So if it is concluded that Love and Family support is theraputic and contributes to healing. Then for a minute consider Gods' love for us by giving us his most precious Love, his son, Jesus Christ. His message of Love is the same today, as it was over two thousand years ago. His word is comfort, his message is peace. His Love is ours! Think about how much you impact your family, day to day. We rely on each other to support us and hold us up. What you do and say counts. Share love where ever you can, as much as you can. The old rock song, "love hurts", and the old saying, "you only hurt the ones you love", doesn't have to be true. Love Does Not Hurt!
Have A Great Day!

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