Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks & Giving

Happy Thanksgiving to all who read this post. I am thankful for many things this season. Those things concerning M.S., are many as well. I am walking, talking and my vision is better than it has been. My pain is managable. Getting over a couple of surgeries has been rough, but again, God has given me strength to make it through. These things I am truely greatful for. M.S. does not have rule your world. When I refused to allow it control of my world, I began to see things different. I began to deal with each day, not dread the next day, and not to be broken hearted or feel in some way inadeaquate. Life is fragile. M.S. can cripple our bodies, but never our spirits. What we give thanks for is individual. What we can give to others is understanding, listening, holding each other up when we feel like our spirits are being crushed. In a time when giving of our money is often hard to do, giving of our love and support is always free. Caregivers of those with M.S. and all other chronic debilitating diseases, know all to well how much a word of support can mean during a difficult time. Caregiving is 24 hours a day, at least mentally and spiritually. There are no off days, there are no vacations. I give thanks this season for the caregivers who care enough to love, take time to support those in pain, and suffer with those they care for, with smiles and laughter, to ease the pain.
Happy Holidays!

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