Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Road Less Traveled

I was thinking about the saying, "Taking the path of least resistance", today. The least complications, the easier the tasks, the least conflict, are usually what we want from life. Picking a path is often more difficult that following one. Picking a path to take in life, however, is seldom a conscious choice. There are many instances in which our paths are chosen for us, Or so it seems. No one chooses illness, pain and suffering. No one chooses to loose a spouse or loved one, but it sure does alter your path. It can take you down paths you've never thought of or wanted to tread. Life changes, like illness induced retirement, definitely takes you on paths unexplored. Divorce; Wow, what a path change. I don't know anyone who goes into marriage, just waiting to plan the divorce. Most people don't have their divorce attorney on speed-dial. Sometimes It just happens! New paths are not nearly as easy to navigate, as our familiar old beaten ones. Its kind of like being an explorer in a new world. Only those who have the courage go forward on the path, can find what's waiting ahead. The fear of the unknown obstacles on the path often paralyzes us and prevents us from moving on. The surroundings are unfamiliar, and often very scary. The fear of what is at the end of the path is often the most fearsome obstacle of all. Will the end of the path provide us what we were searching for? Will it lead to disappointment? One thing age has provided me is a long history of disappointment and crooked paths. Somehow, I have managed to get back on the straight and narrow path, and maybe the less traveled path. My paths have never been the paths of "least resistance", but the "beaten path", has always beat me. Without faith, I would have been long lost on my travels through this complicated life. Faith, that no man, job, family, or friend can give me. Strength from faith, to keep cutting back the weeds and vines that often obscure the view of the goal, is what we all need. I believe it is the strength we derive from our relationship with God and faith that God is in control. He is there on the path with us, and it is up to us to let him be our guide. I would like to share a couple bible verses which may not be the most known verses in the bible, but really sum up what I believe:

Psalms 16:11
Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for
Psalms 17:5
Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.

Whatever path you are on, no matter how steep, how overgrown, how crooked, God is always there. He will help us stay on the path that leads to him, if we believe, trust and call on him.

Enjoy your journey today, keep focused on the one true goal!


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